Classes & Boot Camp

Top Body- Fitness Boot Camp - Currently I am training for an Ironman and am not offering boot camps. 

****If you are interested and have 6 or more people interested in boot camps email me and I will set up  a boot camp after August 2012. 

For more information or to register send me an email at 

I am Strong! Too Determined to be Defeated!

I Don't Do Diet Classes FREE
This class teaches how to live a healthy lifestyle with out dieting.
These classes are offered every semester for 12 week sessions.
Next session starting ________ - Will be offered every Sunday at 4:30pm (note time change)
Call 618-397-4720 for more information or e-mail
Material is fee.

First Baptist Church FH
104001 Lincoln Trial
Fairview Heights, IL

Top Body - Fitness Nutritional Classes are by appointment only.
Email for more information.

Temple Training Boot Camps  are currently not going.

Top Body - Fitness Personal Training vary in times please e-mail for appointments. 
Personal Training options:
Personal Training - One on One 
Double Personal Training - Two clients 
Semi-Private Personal Training - Three Clients
Small Croup Training - 4 or more clients (with your group of your friends)
Cooperate Personal Training - Personal Training done in the work place
Home Personal Training -your home, office, or park. All above options offered with this as well. 


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