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Volunteering in Branson at the 70.3 Iornman. 2011

Volunteering in Branson at the 70.3 Iornman.

For those of you who don't know much about Triathlons it is were you do three sports in a row. The typical and most common is to swim, bike, and run.

The 70.3 Iornman it is  1.2 mile swim / 56 mile bike / 13.1 mile run (1/2 marathon.) Half the distance of a Fulll Iornman. A full Iornman is 2.4-mile swim/ 112-mile bike / 26.2 miles (a marathon) 

We have done sprint triathlons 400 meter swim/12 mile bike / 5K run. It might not sound like much next to Ironman but let me assure you it is hard. We were planning on doing an 70.3 Iornman this past race season but due to injeries we were not able to. Lord willing we will be doing an Iornman this up coming year 2012.

We wanted to volunteer for the one in Branson for so many reasons.
The three main reasons were we wanted to see how they were run, what to expect, and to show our support for the sport. It was such a wonderful experience and an awesome event. So many walks of life and so many different ages, sizes, colors, ethnicity, regions, and countries were represented. 

Our experience volunteering was an honor! 
We were in charge of several parts because they had such a poor turn out for volunteers this year. I am assuming because it was very cold and rainy both days. It rained the entire day Saturday and part of the race day. 

We were able to connect with almost all of the 1400+ people. It was amazing. We did body marking (wrote numbers and ages on the athletes), bike check in (so many cool bikes), bike exit (transition 1) We called out everyone's number as the left for the bike portion of the race and bike enter (transition 2) were we asked them to dismount the bike and were able to say encouraging words to everyone when they were tired from such a long and hilly ride.

So many grateful athletes. We were thanked often by them, even during the athletes exhaustion. 
Such a powerful thing to see so many people from all walks of life giving all they have for a personal goal, to finish, to become an Iornman! It gets me even more excited to do one. These triathlon athletes are a rare breed. 

I am proud to be a "TRIer".

If you ever have the opportunity to volunteer for such an event it just might be life changing. 

Making it a lifestyle!
30 minutes before the race starts
10 minutes out
5 minutes out
Pros are in the water.

Friday, February 22, 2013

    • I know you are super busy with your Ironman training, but wonder if you can answer a couple of questions so I can plan my comeback to a better life style. I guess I first need to let you know my goals - 1 lose approximately 10 pounds, reduce my body fat for 25% down to 18-20%, keep up my running so I can train again for a half in August (training begins then).

      1. Can I trust Sparkpeople's calorie intake - protein, carbs, and fat ranges?
      2. Can I lose body fat like I want to 1) at the age of 51 and 2) with running 6 miles 3 times a week?
      3. Will doing a program with muscle confusion (Supreme 90 - similar to P90X but workouts are 30 minutes instead of the hour)

      I will try to eat as clean as possible, but we do go out for lunch/dinner on the weekends - 1 time a day (Friday, Sat, and Sunday)

      Can I do this - I only have hand weights (5,7.5, 8, 10,15 pounds), stability ball, thinking of trying to use a BOSU, and I am biking too.


  • 13 hours ago
    Coach HURT
    • 1. I don't use Sparks info. I think it is way to high2. It is harder to lose body fat the older you get and when running that much. But it is doable.
      3. That is a lot of stress on the body. You will need to get enough sleep , up your protein, carbs and fat a lot. To make sure you get enough tonfor your body o repair and lose far.

        • Cheat meals are very important.
          Yes you can do it!!!

      • Coach HURT
        • what are your thoughts about what I wrote?
          Did you ask anyone else, if so what did they say?

      • M...
        • I asked Tia (you) - she said 6 miles 3 times would be okay - I get plenty of sleep - I usually am asleep my 8:30P and up at 5AM. I am looking for as much info as possible and you are someone I trust. Tia and Carolyn were in it for the Fitness competition - I am older than either one of them.

      • M...
        • I am wondering where you suggest I look for calorie amounts to eat. Should I wear my HRM (Polar) for all ST too
        • Is the 30 minutes of ST with Supreme 90 too much - I would like to cross train with biking on non-run days. I have also been told by my massage therapist I should do yoga or Pilates to lengthen the muscles with running and biking.
        • Anything you tell me I will try also any books you suggest I look at I will get. I have New Rules for women Lifting...
      YES always wear your Polar! I do. That is the only way you will know for sure your calorie burn so you know precisely how much and what to ea.

      MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR RECOVERY PROTEIN IN! Shoot for 30 grams but no less than 15g. I can't stress this enough! It will help you a great deal with losing that body fat, recovery of your muscles, building your muscles, and increasing your metabolism.
      Also if you can try to get in 30 grams of protein in with in 30 - 40 minutes of waking. That will help you our a GREAT deal as well!

      Once you start to increase your mileage a lot(probably mid way threw your training) you will need to cut back on legs OR your mileage time and performance will decrease in your runs.

      Strength stretching of muscles is always good in any form but be extra careful with the static holds on the legs. Make sure your legs are really really warm before you do long holds.

      You know I love NROL4W! But again when you start to get those miles in you will have to lower your weight for your legs then cut back, then cut out legs.

      I am doing my TRI in June and I am up to 10+ hours of workouts. therefore I am done with ST (and wearing high heals) until after my race for the exception of abs and back. I even give my arms a break because I need to increase the power in my swim.

        • Recap:
          I think your game plan is great for now.
          your getting enough sleep
          your only running 3 hours a week
          your are countering it with cross training on the bike (very crucial)
          your doing ST 2 -3 times a week

          cut back on ST half way threw when you start your training in Aug.

          Does all that make since?
      • 32 minutes ago

        • Really - cut back to ST 2-3 times a week. I would do NROL4W but I don't have a gym to go to and don't have all the equipment.
      • 26 minutes ago
        Coach HURT
        • .... 2 -3 hours of ST a week I was assuming you did. You can easily do 3-4 hours a week.

          There are a ton of ways to modify NROL4W. If you could invest in an Olympic bar (they are 45lbs) and a pull up bar that is the only other things you would really need.
          • M....
            No - I was think 6 days a week 30 minutes approx each time. That is what the S90 is - I don't know if you can see my Spark workouts. I have most of them broken out. I wouldn't do Tabata or Cardio Challenge. I could reduce my runs do 4-5 two times a week and 6 one time a week.
          • 21 minutes ago
            Coach HURT
            • that falls into less than 4 hours so your good with ST. Your runs are fine. Ill go look at your workouts on SP
          • 16 minutes ago
            I am missing a couple more workouts.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Emails Recipes

Emails Recipes: 


I made a turkey sandwhich with hummus and Colby jack cheese on whole wheat bread in the sandwhich maker.  It was very yummy and I think good for me too! Just used olive oil spray so no butter on bread. 

Just thought I would tell you my fun recipe I created this evening.  :)


thanks Kris!
Coach TIA 


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