Friday, September 28, 2012

4th Annual NO Halloween Candy CHALLENGE

4th Annual  NO Halloween Candy CHALLENGE

My commitment is to not eat 
ANY Halloween Candy 
from today  until 2 week after Halloween.

I will allow myself to have 2 pieces after that. 
I will have none until then.


Your challenge is what you make of it. 

Examples could be...
1) 1 piece of candy a week 
2) I will only eat 4 mini KitKats the whole month. 
3) I will not have any chocolate candy
4) I will only eat dark chocolate candy
These are just a few examples. You make the challenge your own.

I do this challenge because I would find myself eating candy and not even thinking about it. 
I would think it's only once little piece but it adds up and it's BAD thinking!

I have been very successful every year.  I began to challenge others. 
Most of the time I don't even eat the candy at the end of my challenge. I worked so hard not to have it.
It was more of a reward NOT to eat it at the end! 

Who's in it with me? 
What will your commitment be? Make it personal to you. 
Some people allow them self one piece of candy a week or only one kind or candy. 
Make this Challenge yours. 

Here is the calorie count for those little candies. 
Dove Milk Chocolate Promises or wrapped square


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