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Barry Copelin
On Sep 15, 2011

My daughter just finished her freshman year and plays college basketball. She needs must continue to develop her strength and quickness to stay competitive and increase her production and playing time. I started to search for someone that understood her goals and would set up a program to help her be successful. Our first meeting with Tia, she seemed to already have a plan in place to help my daughter not only to reach her “test in” goals for this season but to exceed them. Tia worked with us to set up a schedule this summer that allowed my daughter the flexibility around her summer job and her team commitments at school without sacrificing the routine of working out. My daughter “tested in” in late August and exceeded all the “test in “levels that her strength coach and head coach had set for her. I do not believe she would have achieved this on her own. Tia kept the workouts challenging and productive. I believe I will enjoy watching the difference when her season starts in November. Thanks Tia for your help.

Tammy L.
On Jan 07, 2011  

Great life coach
She is very enthusiastic and determined to help you reach your goals. She pushes you to your limits physically, challenges you spirtually and guides you down the right path nutritionally. She has made a huge impact on my weight loss success and I look forward to attending her "I don't do diet" classes and bootcamps that she offers. I highly recommend her as a personnel trainer or as a coach to help guide you through your weight loss and journey to a better you.

Mike O
On Jan 07, 2011

Tia is the best
I was very wary of a "personal" trainer but took the plunge and am glad I did. Tia made me feel at ease quickly and she challenges me at the right times and has an innate sense as to when it's time to back off just a little. I was quite scared to "exercise" again for fear of what I no longer could do but she works with you, is a partner and she is as positive of a person as I have come across. Tia's rates are very reasonable and her commitment to her clients is impeccable. I couldn't imagine anyone better to have working with me than Tia

Christine H
On Jan 08, 2011 

I'll never forget the first 5K I ran with a couple friends and to my surprise Tia showed up and encouraged us the whole race (ran in front of us even though she was not in the race). That was when I knew she was a very special person and is serious about helping people get healthy and reach their goals! With her help I did reach my goals and am still going strong.

Tammy W.
On Jan 08, 2011

Smart Teacher/Motivator
I have attended Tia's "I Don't Do Diet" class and it was a wealth of information. Things I had never heard before that were very practical for every day health. Tia is a great motivator and works very hard to meet the needs of those she's working with.

Caprice M.
On Jan 10, 2011

Awesome Encourager
Tia is an amazing life coach! She pushes you to do your best, stretch yourself, reach your goals. She's inspired me to work out 6 days a week and see those results! She is always available for help and encouragement, and helps you get beyond excuses to success. Her classes are full of information, but there is a personal touch with Tia. You KNOW she's for you! She's not just cheering from the sidelines, she's right there with you.

Amy R.
On Jan 10, 2011

Simply the Best
From our first meeting I knew she would be someone that would push me when I need to be pushed to get me beyond my fears or “I can’t”’s.. She builds up your confidence to do things you never thought you could do without you even realizing it. She not only tells you what to do but also is right next to you doing it. After doing the trainer at a gym I used to belong to with little success, I was not sure PT was for me ... I thought what I could do on my own was good enough. I am glagla d I found Tia and realized my "good enough" mentality wasn't good enough …. Tia is a great person and a great trainer (both physically and mentally) and has helped me achieve more in less than 6 months than I thought possible. Tia is the best!

Michelle C.
On Jan 21, 2011

Life Changer!
Tia has not only given me the tools to exercise and eat healthy but she has given me confidence, energy, and the motivation to help change my lifestyle. I'm so glad she is on my team throughout this journey! I fully recommend Tia as a persona ltrainer to anyone who is ready for a lifestyle change.

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