Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WORKOUT Wednesday J5

WORKOUT Wednesday J5
The focus of this workout is to maximize the use of your body fat as a fuel source during AND after your workout as well as short gym time. Metabolic workout...

Workout "Blueprint":

1.) Warm-up with some dynamic drills
2.) Complete Group 1 exercises back to back to back without rest. 
Exercise 1a for 30-40 seconds, followed immediately by exercise 1b for 20 seconds.
3.) Rest for 30-60 seconds, then repeat for a total of 2-3 sets.
4.) Repeat that sequence for Group 2, Group 3 & Group 4 exercises
5.) After 2-3 sets of each of those supersets, move on to -
Group 5 the Metabolic Finisher
6.) Complete exercise 5a for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds. Repeat that cycle 8-16 times
7.) Cooldown with some Mobility drills and stretching of tight muscle groups only

Group 1 (Superset):
1a. DB/KB Floor Press (slow tempo, heavier resistance)
1b. Push-ups (fast tempo)

Group 2 (Superset):
2a. DB/KB Goblet Squat (slow tempo, heavier resistance)
2b. Prisoner BW Squats (fast tempo)

Group 3 (Superset):
3a. DB/KB Renegade Rows (slow tempo, heavier resistance)
3b. Inverted Rows/Pull-ups (fast tempo)

Group 4 (Superset):
4a. DB/KB Goblet Alternating Lunges (slow tempo, heavier resistance)
4b. Alternating BW Lunge Jumps (fast tempo)

Group 5 :
5a. Medicine Ball Slams to Burpee/Squat Thrust

This style of training will keep your body burning
calories for hours and hours after your workout ends; up to 48 hours after your workout is over.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Advantages of Workout in the Morning

Advantages of Workout in the Morning

Advantages of workout in the morning.
1. No excuses like "something came up", "I was really into the  TV show" " I had to work late" "the kids needed help" .... I could go on. I am sure you get the point. 
2. No one needs you if everyone is asleep.
3. The phone isn't going to ring and interrupt your workout. 
4. You are more likely to make exercise a habit and stay committed to it.  
5. Less distractions. 
6. You only have to take one shower, out on make and fix your hair once a day! (be green =-) 
7. You won't skip out on your workout because something better came along. (going out with friends) 
8. The boss isn't going to have any last minute things as you walk out the door, that causes you to miss your workout. 
9. Getting to the gym or running out side is so much better when it is less crowded   
10. You will feel awesome all day knowing you have accomplished the hardest thing of the day first.
11. Mornings smells amazing and it is so beautiful to watch the sun raise every morning.
12. Workout buddies have less excuses. 
13. NO one cares what you look like cuz' they just rolled out of bed too. 
14. You are more likely to choose healthier food 
15. You are more likely to make healthier life choices.  

Let's Get Healthy,
Coach TIA 


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