Tuesday, July 30, 2013



The recumbent stationary bike is the one that has a backrest with the pedals out in front. The main advantage of using a recumbent is it places less stress on your lower spine and offers a more comfortable position.  


When you pedal on the recumbent bike, you will work leg muscles and joints in your lower body. You must warm up before you start your workout. If not you will risk injury.
How to warm your body: Spend five minutes just easy peddling on the bike or simply walking for 5- 8 minutes. Gradually increase your pace (or speed) threw out the duration. cause you to keep making progress.



To get healthy results on the recumbent bike, you need to exercise intensely and often. If you just are just looking for health benefits, stick with 30 minutes 3 times a week.  If you want to lose weight do 60 -90 minutes five days a week. (American College of Sports Medicine recommendations)



Increasing the resistance making it harder regularly as well as increasing cadence (the speed at which you pedal)  as it becomes easier to ride bike.


Warm up 5-8 minutes

Increase intensity by upping resistance and cadence (speed) gradually for *20 or more minutes.

Cool down (easy cycling for 3 - 5 minutes)

Stretch legs for 3 – 5minutes.



Sit down, place your feet on the pedals and spin the cranks a few times. You should have a slight bend in your knee when your leg is extended far. You should not fully extend your leg. Adjust your seat by sliding your seat forward or back to the proper length.


Maintain a straight posture with your back tight against the backrest for the duration of the work out and push hard with your legs when pedaling. If you grasp the side handles or place your hands on the handles in front of you do not lean forward but keep that same posture.  

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Over the Boarder Fish Taco

Over the Boarder Fish Taco
*2 White Fish
Seasoned both sides with
            Season Salt
Corn tortillas

Fresh Tomato Salsa – (1 Tomato with ¼ red onion, salt pepper and a squeeze of a lemon)
light sour cream or Greek yogurt (you can’t tell the difference)
Shredded cabbage or lettuce
Sharp cheddar cheese
Hot sauce

Greek yogurt and hot sauce blended.

  1. Cook Fish threw in oven(when half way cooked wrap fish in a foil and contiue to cook in the oven
  2. Warm corn tortilla’s on stove
  3. Build taco
    1. add fish
    2. squirt lemon juice on fish
    3. add sauce then continue to put on toppings.
 * I used frozen Cod Loin from Sams- But you can choose any. I also like mahi mahi  and Salmon.

This makes 9+ tacos. It is messy.
There are a million ways to make Fish Tacos. This is just one.


Monday, July 15, 2013

10 Nutrition Mistakes We Make With Children

10 Nutrition Mistakes We Make With Children 

1. They are not given healthy choices but instead just offered them.
2. We make them a separate meal from what we are eating. 
3. We offer them way too many choices.
4. We feed them too much fast food!!!
5. We give them processed foods (that increases their weight!) 
6. We think for them. We think they won't like "it" and we verbalize it. (They believe what they hear)
7. They don't need condiments for everything!
8. They don't need a dessert after every meal or even daily! 
9. We don't make unhealthy foods desirable.
10. We allow them unhealthy juices and sodas. 
11. We display poor eating habits. 

Tia's Tips on how to Avoid doing them. 

1. Always put healthy choices on their plate even if you think they won't like it. 
2. Make sure to prepare every meal with a healthy choice they like and leave it alone. They will try the other healthy food if that is all they won't starve. 
3. By offering them so many choices they are more likely to over eat and chose bad. 
4. Keep healthy food with you all the time. Pack a quick lunch bag or healthy fruits, veggies, nuts and healthy protein. 
5. Giving them chips and other processed foods does NOT meet their nutritional needs. It pacifies them. 
6. Let them try things with out prejudgment or expectations of what they will or won't eat. Introduce healthy food to them as soon as they can eat solid foods. 
7. Stop with the empty calorie condiments. 
8. Read a book with them after eating or go for a walk. Teach them healthy habits not unhealthy ones. 
9. We reward with cookies and junk food when the rewards should be time spent with them.
10. Don't give them drinks that are harming them! YES sugary foods are harmful to the body as well as sugar free foods. You won't let them play in the streets but you will let them harm and hurt their bodies. Think about it!
11. They are watching you! They will do what you do. Set a good example. THEIR LIFE DEPENDS on it!

Let's teach our kids how to live a healthy lifestyle. 


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